CNP-Kansas City 2023 - 3.0-3.5 & 4.0-4.5 Players
Wednesday & Thursday, March 1–2, 2023 Please sign to agree to all releases, waivers, and agreements and fill out this form and submit to process payment and register for TM PB Camp - CNP-Kansas City - 3.0-3.5 & 4.0-4.5 Players.
Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of rain or snow, TM Camps will do everything possible to find an alternate (indoor) location or adjust camp hours to make up for missed camp time. Please ensure that your schedule is flexible on the day(s) you are scheduled to come for camp. If hours are adjusted due to weather, the future credit policy will still apply to the new camp hours whether your personal schedule allows you to attend or not. Note: If the schedule is adjusted and all six on-court hours are provided, but at a new scheduled time, no future credits are given. If not all on-court hours are met, credit will be offered toward a future TM Camp. TM Camps does not offer refunds in the case of inclement weather or a camper’s prior commitments that does not allow the camper to attend adjusted camp hours.