Wow, these are some crazy times… I think all we can do is just take day by day and really appreciate our health and loved ones.  With upcoming tournaments that are postponed, I’m learning to just go with the flow and enjoy this extra time with my family. I am catching up on emails, keeping social distancing and spending lots of time with my kids and my 16-week pregnant wife.  If things keep up like this, Meg is joking that I can start bottling water for her! I think she is really enjoying me being a stay-at-home Dad/Husband for now, as when she gets home, the house is clean with home cooked meals… ???? This is time to be creative and stay positive, I recommend to continue to do some strength training and cardio at home and be sure to watch some of my mini lesson videos on my website.  Warmer weather is coming our way and soon we will be on the courts, touching paddles again!”

Please check out my website for my 2020 Tournament and LevelUp Camp schedule. While you’re there, my Sponsors page features the products that I endorse and the companies who sponsor me. I’m excited about all of my partnerships this year! I really enjoy using these products and truly believe they can help you up your game too! They’ve been a game changer for me and my career so please reach out if you have questions as to how I use them or find them specifically beneficial.

Please follow me on social media for up-to-date information including tournament info, camp info, live streamed matches and other fun family content. Please check my Facebook page in particular as I’ll be sharing live stream links whenever available. I always appreciate all of your support even if your watching from afar.


The Teacher

The Teacher

This year I’m teaching 20+ camps for LevelUp. My camps this year are primarily on the west coast. In 2020 we’re doing some level specific camps. Featuring both 3.0-3.75 and 4.0+ groups. So far this year I’ve taught one camp in Kona, HI,  two camps in Punta Gorda, FL and finished this month up with 2 camps in Palm Springs, CA. Next camp I am teaching is currently scheduled for June in Newport Beach, staying hopeful that this will stay on course.

The Athlete

The Athlete

To start 2020 my Global Pickleball Rankings are #2 in Men’s Singles, #5 in Men’s doubles, and #4 in Mixed. I’m playing 25 tournaments this year. So far I’ve played three: The Hawaii Open, PPA Mesa, and The Florida Grand Slam. My results in Hawaii were Silver in Singles and Gold in Men’s Doubles. PPA Mesa I took home the Silver in Singles and Bronze in Men’s Doubles. In the Florida Grand Slam I was thrilled to get Gold in Singles and Silver in Men’s Doubles. The months of March and April, as most of you are aware, has all been put on hold with tournaments being postponed. Fingers crossed that the May Owensboro, KY tournament will play out.

The Dad

The DadBoth of our boys are half-way through the school year and doing very well. This new climate of “homeschooling” is having all of us learn a lot about each other. I am definitely the student in this new scenario! Ty turned 6 this January and we celebrated with a big surprise birthday party at our house. Sky is going to be 13 this June! He is super excited to be a teenager, he loves school, using the app Tick Tock and helping in the kitchen. Ty just started wrestling and continues to play Tennis. His first tournament was beginning of March. Coaching Ty through wresting practice has really brought back a piece of my Dad. It’s been really fun reflecting on all of those memories. My precious wife Meg is doing well and her business is growing steadily. We have been revamping and have some pretty cool content we look forward to sharing on our couples page. If you haven’t heard of the big SURPRISE, Meg and I are so excited to be expecting a baby girl, due in August.

Tyson’s Pickle Tip of the Month:

NO premature attackulation!

Tyson's Pickle Tip of the Month

NO premature attackulation! When speeding up from the kitchen line, make sure your attack is calculated and well disguised. When attacking remember the phrase, S.L.Y. (Stable, Location and Yellow Zone). If you can check all three boxes you have license to pull the trigger. There are two types of speed ups: a precise off-pace attack and a fast pace stinger. The well placed off-pace attack is aiming at vulnerable places on your opponent’s body causing them to feel uncomfortable setting you up for a one-two combo. The other type of attack is geared towards your opponents who tend to hit a lot of out balls. You add pace aiming a bit higher or in other words called “chin music”, knowing that they’ll take the bait. Keep in mind when playing with fire be ready for fire to come back or you will get burnt. If you’re going to start the mess it’s your job to clean the mess!