What others are saying about TM Signature PB Camps...
“Tyson’s training course is fantastic. After attending his boot camp, I was able to take my pickleball prowess to the next level. Tyson isn’t just a world-class athlete, he’s a world-class teacher as well!”
Troy Johnson
“Tyson McGuffin is helping shape this young sport — not only with his physical prowess, but also with his agile mind. As a 4.0 player, I know when a shot works. But Tyson helped me understand why it worked — and under what circumstances. And then he offered variations on those shots to give me even more of an advantage. Tyson is unmatched in his understanding of this game. What a rare opportunity to spend three days learning from him.”
Neil White
Author, Publisher
“Tyson is a very knowledgeable and quality instructor. He is able to give very clear instructions on all aspects of the game, such as instruction on using a block or push a shot, when to use backhand or forehand, instruction on how to do a roll volley, and how to play a disciplined game. The Levelup camp allowed all attendees to improve their game and Tyson takes genuine pride in seeing everyone improve.”
Mark McMahon
“I just completed the LevelUp Camp in Colorado Springs. After attending a sports camp the first question one is often asked is ”Was it worth the money?”. Wrong question. If you take a pickleball coaching lesson from a ranked/top player it can easily be $60/hr and up. The LevelUp Camp comes out to half that or less. It’s clearly a good deal just from a price standpoint. Better question. Was it worth the time? The instructor to student ratio in the camp is no worse than 8:1, however there is a lot of direct instructor-student interaction. Students are either receiving demonstrations with accompanying explanation or being observed and actively coached as they put the instruction into practice. Time is used very efficiently. It’s clear that Tyson has worked very hard to attain the pickleball expertise that he has. It’s also clear that he has worked very hard as an instructor for the LevelUp camps. Instruction was delivered with clarity, organization, and enthusiasm. I learned a lot and had fun doing it.”
Paul Vorndam
“The three coaches, Tyson McGuffin, Rob Cassidy, and Bill Muno were superb! All three were so knowledgeable, personable, and just plain fun to be with...while being ever professional. Excellent review of fundamentals, while providing strategy and mental aspects of the game. All three never hesitated to work one-on-one, answer the most basic of questions or demonstrate a technique. The three worked together seamlessly...each providing a different perspective...maybe a senior perspective, or a singles perspective, or how to play doubles better. Loved the demos, the drills, the organization, and the flow of the clinic! We were active, involved in playing PB, and involved with the coaches as well as all the other players in the camp. Was sorry when it was over!”
Kathy Neve
“Just finished a Level Up camp with Tyson and it was amazing. He is such an excellent instructor and I loved all the little “nuggets” he gave to improve my game. Tyson made the camp fun, interesting and very worthwhile. The camp exceeded my expectations and Tyson was a pleasure to work with. I’m using the knowledge I gained in camp every time I hit the court. Thanks to Tyson for all his help.”
Sue Coman
“A special thank you to Tyson and his colleague Kyle Mckenzie for an exceptional pickleball camp and learning experience. Tyson provided clearly defined and logical sequences for learning not only skill techniques but also for gameplay strategy. He was extremely patient and able to customize his approach with 11 different students to guide our play and develop our strategic play options. Ample time was allotted for drilling and then game implementation. Tyson and Kyle created a fun and supportive learning environment. Thank you Tyson for your passion and outstanding teaching ability!”
Suzanne Bell